About Sooner Football!!!!!

Boomer Sooner!!!



2 Responses to About Sooner Football!!!!!

  1. Raul Ferrer says:

    I am a Bif Fan of College Football and in 15 years of being a Big Fan I have never seen a sequence of Bad calls like this to decide a Game. It makes me seek to my Stomach!

  2. Dwight says:

    it appears we need to check some bank accounts ,, the REFS bet the odds ,, and played the points,, someone got paid,, these REFS should be suspended for ayear with no pay,, how about that one.

    Also isn’t it strange the HOME Team got to use their own refs ,, everywhere else but the PAC 10 has visitor bring the REFS ,,

    lost all faith in the system,, when they have access to more replays than us sitting at home, and they can’t get the call right,, no sense in watching the games.

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