Sound Off!!!!!

“The instant replay was brought up to eliminate issues like this. And here, there are a number of issues that are clearly — looking at video — wrong,” Stoops said Sunday.

Let your comments be heard Football Nation!!!


3 Responses to Sound Off!!!!!

  1. ron owens says:

    How can the NCAA neuter instant replay with such a blatant lack of accountability especially in the light of such overwhelming incomptence, regional bias or both? Even the Supreme Court has to justify their decisions. No, I’m not comparing the death penalty to the outcome of a football game. But surely, in a nation this litigious, with all the lawyers on call at these universities, the majority could create a class-action lawsuit against the NCAA that would make them answerable to SOMEONE, SOMETIME, SOMEHOW! A simple divorce has certain areas of potential contention spelled out specifically. And these decisions effect the futures and fortunes of universities and the athletes who compete in their name.

  2. Brian J. says:

    I am sure heads will roll.

  3. hunter says:

    i luv the sooners and that was bs and i think they should won bullshit

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