Cold Pizza on ESPN

“The Sooners got robbed! The officials won that game for Oregon!”

 The whole world knows the Sooners got robbed. It is fowl play to steal a win! A win is fought on that football field with blood and guts. Then to have a win plucked from a deserving team when instant replay is available and obvious is outrageously wrong. Not just for the Sooners, but for all college teams and their loyal fans.


One Response to Cold Pizza on ESPN

  1. JB says:

    To all those whining Oklahoma fans —grow up! I coach youth sports and would be ashamed to have you on my team.

    Once we become adults, most well-adjusted people realize that life has its ups and downs. Things don’t always go your way. The game is officiated by human beings and they sometimes make mistakes. In this case, I agree with you that the refs made the wrong call. Every week hundreds or thousands of wrong calls are made throughout the country. That’s part of the game.

    You need to suck it up and move on to the next game. Instead, you full diaper load Oklahoma babies keep crying about it. Do the rest of the country a favor and finally shut your collective pie-holes about this. Life’s unpredicatble and occassionally unfair. Try to show some class and take this in stride for Pete’s sake.

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