Petition the Oregon and Oklahoma game!


42 Responses to Petition the Oregon and Oklahoma game!

  1. Brian J. says:

    I totally agree the Sooners got ripped off. I figured it would be Sooner ball, game over. Then the refs said Oregon ball and I knew someone was doing someone a big favor somewhere! No way it was Oregons ball, we could see on instant replay the Oregon player touched it as plain as day.

    I am adding my name to the petition.


  2. james says:

    we got screwed plain as day, twice in 2 plays. what they didnt tell u was that the replay official was the oregon coaches other son.

    Go OU

  3. soonersam says:

    Your joking 🙂 ???

  4. Ray says:

    Pac 10 officials, what a crock. Sooners won the game, its that simple.

  5. ND FAN says:

    im an irish fan……and……. OKLAHOMA GOT SCREWED!!!!!… way Oregon won that game!!!!

  6. Sheila Barker says:

    I don’t hear Oklahoma crying about the bad calls made in their favor, ie the clock had run out and they should’ve had a penalty instead of getting the ball where their runner stepped out of bounds, turnover was caused when Oregon player hit the ground so shouldn’t have been a fumble!! Bad calls happen. They had a chance to win the game but Oregon blocked the field goal. They should be called the Whiners instead of the Sooners!

  7. Texas Fan! says:

    What a load of crap. I was brought up hating OU, and to tell you the truth I didn’t watch the game, but I did watch the replays, and they were robbed. That is by far the worst officiating in a college football game I have ever seen. True bad calls will happen and maybe it was just bad timing, but still two calls back to back and that onside kick call was something that is so ridiculous that it is laughable. I would be ashamed to say I even knew any of those officials.

  8. Devin Nickle says:

    Hi all Sooner fans

    I do agree the stripes blew it at the end, but I think you are all forgetting the third down play clock violation, that turned into a touchdown. You can’t have it both ways, and the Ducks got F%#cked on that one. That WOULD HAVE changed the entire game. So much for the Refs being biased. Quit whining!

  9. z bo says:

    but the sooners couldnt score at the endzone. the refs didnt give us a touchdown, this you must see. the sooners couldnt stop them when it counted… lots and lots of bad calls both ways sooner fans… stop complaining and next team!!!!!!!!

  10. z bo says:

    sonner bitchs lol

  11. Brian J. says:

    Yeah, well if it was Oregon in Oklahoma’s place, you would be very upset too, I guarantee you!

  12. Doug says:

    I agree why are the Sooners crying about only those 2 calls. What about the ones that went in their favor????? A truly courageous team would accept defeat with dignaty, whining.

    I have lost respect of the Oklahoma whiners.

  13. oregon fans suck my balls says:

    U oregon fans who are making ur excuses need to suck my cok u sons of bitches u know damn right ur a bunch of fucking cheatings u all can burn in fucking hell

  14. oregon fans suck my balls says:

    and oh yeah
    OU = 33
    Duck fucks = 20
    Pac ten officials = 14

  15. Take a look at your squad OK says:

    Hey, your heisman canidate broke loose for almost 300 yards all purpose with more than half of these coming in the 4th quarter. The Ducks had 4 turnovers! The Ducks were down by 13 with less than 2 minutes left. You even had your kicker in place to kick a game winning field goal with time expiring. If despite all this you couldn’t walk away with a win I’d worry more about your football team then the refs because the Ducks getting the ball back on one call can’t explain 14 points in less than 2 minutes.

  16. soonersam says:

    Lost respect for Oklahoma whiners? If we were in a boxing match and I knocked you out by throwing an elbow in your face while the ref wasn’t looking, would you be courageous in your defeat? Funny……

  17. soonersam says:

    Sure it can explain, 7 points = referee help, game winning help btw. I can understand Oregon being happy with a win. What I can’t understand, is how Oregon fans can’t see why the Sooners are upset with the calls that lead to the win. The whole Nation would not be debating this, if their was not a HUGE game deciding error made here.  

  18. Devin Nickle says:

    I said I agree with the bad calls, but what about the TD on a bad call. Does’nt that mean ANYTHING!

  19. Devin Nickle says:

    That should have been a punt, not 7 points!

  20. Chris says:

    I wonder what game the refs were watching. I’ve never seen such blatant “home cooking” in my life. I read where the instant replay referee now has high blood pressure. His calls (or lack thereof) gave a lot of people high blood pressure! I also read where this man has lived in Oregon for 28 years. If OU had one loss (maybe to UT), they would probably go to a BCS bowl game (which is big bucks). Also, if Oregon has only one loss (to USC), then they would likely go to a BCS game. Show me the money!! I wonder how those refs will feel if Oregon wins the national championship.
    This is even worse than the Texas Tech game last year.

  21. kafkaclone says: a University of Oregon Alum…i saw the call twice on instant replay..yeah it might have been a bad not totally sure…but is there any precedent for overturning a game based on a bad call? In all my time watching sports ive never seen it yet…and that was by no means the worst officiated game ive ever seen..not by a long shot

  22. Johnnie says:

    Even if the ball went ten yards even if an OU player touched it, OU had the ball! The kicker who cant kick is the coaches boy. Fair is Fair. If you take the one touchdown that you claim was given to OU away and the 2 that were given to Oregon OU still wins. At the end of the Day a L is L and W is W. neither Oregon or OU is even close to being able to beat any of the top 5 so it really doesnt matter.

  23. Cheryl says:

    What a crock! An apology and a one game suspension for the crew! They should be suspended for the season maybe even add in a financial penalty! I couldn’t believe when they gave the ball to Oregon! No wonder Pac 10 is moving up in the rankings, with refs like that, Baylor could be in the number one spot!

  24. BILL says:

    All the Sooner Haters run their mouiths but if it woud have been their team they would fel the same way we got robbed,it was home cooked family affair in oregon,and if the people who can change it lets it stand then i think they are on the take also!

  25. Duck Man says:

    If you would have been paying attention sooner fans, there may have been bad calls by the ref’s but Oregon still scored two touchdowns after the fact! Why didnt your defense just stop the Ducks? Why didnt your kicker just kick the fieldgoal? You still lost after the bad calls. You didnt stop them!!! Quit your whinning and play ball.

  26. Duck Man says:

    Oh, The Play Clock!!! Thats right, You dont hear any complaints about the extra touchdown that OU got when there was no time on the clock. You bitch and moan. Your president sounds like a whinny little girl. There were bad calls on both sides of the ball and you still couldnt stop the ducks who scored twice and blocked your fieldgoal attemp to shut you down. A win is a win is a win. Hope to see you in a bowl game like last year when the ducks got screwed by the officials in the Holiday Bowl.

  27. Duck Man says:

    Take your petition and shove it where the sun doesnt shine!!!

  28. soonersam says:

    “If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck it must be a …………” The new motto for bad calls!

  29. Hollaway says:

    I do not live in either Oregon or Oklahoma but the official calls of the game reminded me of a USA Olympic Taekwondo match. The calls were far from objective and the officials seemed to pick sides. Bias was the name of the day. Is this the new American way for the new century of sporting events? Was there some payola going on? How in heavens name can this happen?

  30. oregon fans suck my balls says:

    u ducks fucks are asking us y didnt we stoped u guys? dont make me laugh! with that officiating! we cant stop u! we tried and we got called a pass interference call that cost us 15 yards! i dunno about u duck fans but if OU won like that i would not be happy i would rather take a lost than to cheat my ass off burn u roasted ducks burn ur team sucks and u know it

  31. BigSoonerFan says:

    OK Oregon Fucks. Go ahead a brag dumbasses. If you want to take credit for a win that cheating gottcha, go ahead. That is the only way you won that game. And you stupid asses, Sooner Fans are not the only ones saying they were bad calls, all sports shows across America stated this, ESPN, FOX sports… NOT one of them said anything about the play clock, IT IS THE FACT THAT THESE CALLS WENT TO REVIEW AND STILL COULDN’T FUCKING TELL THE TRUTH, yes bad calls happen all the time, but not when the replay offical gets to review the calls. YOU Cheatin Bastereds, it’s OK we all know that this was Oregons Bowl game for this year, yeah you might get to go to the BOWL for Cheatin bastards and play Texas Tech. That yellow you all wear is perfect for YELLOW BELLIED COWARDS. Remember, for now on, you are the Oregon FUCKS.

  32. oregon fans suck my balls says:

    bigsoonerfan u shouldnt call them oregon fucks they should be call “DUCK FUCKS!”

  33. horehey says:

    lol haha all you cry baby sooners crying over a bad call. get over it you losers. i bet all of you werent bitching when auburn got cheated out of the bcs championship game so the sooners could get beat down by usc, and when lsu had to share there championship with all you lame asses. go TEXAS!!!

  34. Duck fan1 says:

    Ok hears my theory… the entire NCAA is out to get OU, thats why they won’t strike the game from the records. Oklahoma is the best team in the nation, they win all there games and everybody’s just jealous………..F#ck that!!!
    All I keep hearing from all the Sooner fans is the bad calls made by the refs. There are bad calls all the time going both ways. And your sorry A$$ team could’nt stop the ducks on the last 2 drives. you had the ball past the U of O 50 and you still couldn’t score to win. Shut the F#ck up!!!! and if you want to email me im at

  35. BigPHIL says:

    I agree with Duck Fan. I used to not really care about OU but I seen the coaches board and BCS standings and every year OU was never #1 even though they would win championships and have a lot of returning starters. There really are broadcasters, other colleges, and organizations that really hate OU. It seems they will do anything to keep their faces in the dirt. They should call it the BS standings…GO OU!!

  36. horehey says:

    I spoke too soon. I was rooting for Texas since I’m their #1 fan but they got beat by an unranked Kansas. Karma bit me in the a$$. I really wish those officials that coached the Oregon/OU game were in Kansas giving Texas the game like they did to Oregon. Anyway Oregon is getting beat by USC. Dang. Karma is bad.

  37. oregon fans suck my balls says:

    yeah oregon ur not ranked anymore u suck!

  38. Ducks are crap! nice outfits, pansies!!!! says:

    Haha, who is the better team? why where sooners mad? it’s all obvious now.

  39. Q says:


  40. Lotrdarkque says:

    Sooners are nothing more than cry babies!
    I guess your same ref’s called bad plays in the red river shoot out. that sooners got there butts whipped in. 45-35

    And i guess these refs are the same ones that give the sooners there first touchdown that was clearly not a touch down!

    This year Texas owned the once #1 Sooners! Say what you will, But the Longhorns did the talking not me!

  41. Oregon Sooner Hater says:

    You guys still have a website to bitch about the Oregon game? Yeah, bad call, but all you inbread okies had to do was kick a field goal to win it and you couldn’t. So…quit whining already, and GO DUCKS.

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