Oklahoma Sooners robbed in Oregon!

OU was robbed, stripped, cheated, deprived, deceived, and swindled of their win in OREGON!!!! Their should be a public apology to the whole Football Nation from the NCAA and PAC – 10 officials. Oregon obviously touched the ball before the 10 yards on their onside kick. Very, very, very horrible review, it should have been OU’s ball, end of game. Not only that, but Allen Patrick (OU) actually recovered the loose football. It was more then obvious to everyone with eyes and those not beeing paid off! Dan Fouts and Tim Brandt (commentators for the game) said, it should have been OU’s ball and that is a horrible call! Then what happens! OUis called on a pass interference when the ball can clearly be seen being tipped by an OU player. The review……for Oregon of course.
What good is video review if they are going to cheat college teams! If it’s not going to be used correctly, then their is no point in using it at all.

 By far, the worst call I have seen since the review has been applied to NCAA football games! This win should be scratched and taken back and given to the Sooners.


A very angry college football fan……………..


20 Responses to Oklahoma Sooners robbed in Oregon!

  1. kyle says:

    i’m waiting to see if i can join in with a class action lawsuit – i had a terrible weekend caused by some no good cheateing %*$%* . and i know those referees are usually attourneys and have plenty of money to lose.

  2. Mad Indian says:

    Law Suit Yes! There should be some OU Law Grads that have the cojones and resources to file suit. Most of us resigned to honor Stoops and Borens desire to take the nice-guy way out after laast years Texas Tech game fixing. But enough is enough Stoops and Boren wants the alumni, fans and players to always give, now its their turn to step up to the plate for us. How about it Mr. Stoops and Boren, to you have the balls and sue the cheating bastards?

  3. Ryan Doherty says:

    Well I saw the game and you are probably right about those being terrible calls, but your argument is severly weakened by having Dan Fouts agree with you, as I’m sure you are aware that Dan Fouts is a giant idiot.

    And if you’re counting on Mr. Stoops having the balls to sue someone, well I think a better question is does he have the brains? You see that play call at the end of the game. No timeouts and you’re going to run Adrian Peterson? I realize he’s a great back, but if he rattles off a nine yard gain, the game is over. They wouldn’t have been able to get lined up to stop the clock and run another play. I almost feel like OU deserved to get screwed on those calls with a Coach making a call like that.

  4. soonersam says:

    I didn’t agree with that particular play either, it could have even been a botched call who knows.

  5. Ducks Fan says:

    Here is my thoughts on the game.

    1) refereeing was bad on both sides of the game. Examples
    -2 times oklahoma had the ball in key positions (two third downs), the time ran off the clock, yet no penalties where called and oklahoma gets a first down (one was the td pass that was called back as the guy stepped out). Both of these posessions turned into points for Oklahoma, where with the penalty it is hard to say what would of happened.

    -one touchdown scored by Oklahoma the receiver pushed off the defender but no penalty

    -plenty of more examples, but those where big mistakes in Oklahoma’s favor

    Now about the onside kick. The Oregon player jumped up and had his hands close to the ball around 9 yards out, but with all the video’s I have watched it doesn’t look like he touched it until it hit his chest, which at that point the ball MIGHT have broken the plane of 10 yards.

    One thing to keep in mind is that all of the video are at terrible angles, and don’t really show a direct view at the 10 yard plane.

    So that was was about as questionable in favor of the ducks as Jonathan Stewarts fumble review was in favor for Oklahoma.

    Then it is clear that the ducks player landed on the ball, was down by contact and when it was stripped afterwards (which it was obviously stripped as he was laying on his side and all of a sudden the ball rushes out of the pile.

    Finally, the review wasn’t done by the people on the field, it was done by the officiating crew in the box, which were not Pac-10. They made the call, and determined it was close enough and fortunately or unfortunately in college football if it is close enough then the ruling on the field stands, which in this case they stated it was Oregon’s ball.

    It still took a touchdown by Oregon, and a blocked field goal by Oklahoma’s amazing field goal kicker (I so thought we lost when Oklahoma returned it 55 yards).

    All in all, I can see both sides, clearly I am happy that we won, who knows what the game would have turned out like if those scoring drives had appropriate penalties for delays of game, as well as the pushoff being called properly.

    Even if Oklahoma recovered the ball, it was terrible officiating that would have given Oklahoma the win as well in my honest oppinion.

  6. Sheila says:

    There were several bad calls in Oklahoma’s favor as well but I don’t hear Oklahoma crying about that. And what about that oh so obvious block in the back with the official right there and never called it. Points received then may not have happened if they got the penalty they deserved. You know it’s not perfect but I tend to believe the calls, good and bad, even out. So Sooners quit being whiners!

  7. Texas Fan! says:

    HA HA HA HA HA!!! Just the fact that an oregon fan comes on and types a freaking book about how his team was robbed and its all fair says it all. First, you should be just sitting at home with your mouth shut until you play again. As for the calls you are talking about, I have heard that ya there were bad calls earlier, but they were in both teams favor during the game. The fact that the it was such at a crucial time is the reason that everyone is all up in arms. As for you Ducks Fan, just shut up and be happy you pulled that piece of crap out you butt.

  8. Ducks Fan says:

    Ah the classy Texas fan.

    I was trying not to be elementary in my response. Guess I should have just said “it sucks to be you haha” but oh well.

  9. Texas Blows says:

    Hey Texas Fan, how about them Buckeyes!

    You don’t go through a college football season without some questionable calls. Some you win and some you lose. Those calls were not undisputable. I agree that the angle on the replay of the onsides kick determined the call. There were two angles and depending on which angle you watched from he was beyond or short of the 10. Thus, the field call could not be changed.

    On the tipped pass there’s no question it was tipped. But I didn’t even see pass intererence myself. So what? It wasn’t 4th down as I recall. The Ducks would have scored anyway.


  10. Erik says:

    To bad all of you dont know rules for crap the simple fact he touched the OU player before 10 yards is a penalty and OUs ball. as for the ball being stripped laying next to where the ball fell is hardly having possetion or down by contact I have yet to see a angle that shows him with his hands on the ball simplke because he didnt.

  11. Brian J. says:

    Whining you say? If it was Oregon was cheated of a win, you would be happy and not complaining? Doubtful…………Even the Pac – 10 is apologizing for the errors. They know they screwed up. Atleast you can say, “Yaeh the officials blew the call, they screwed the pooch, not make excuses to satisfy your Oregon win. Oregon got shut down in the second half. It was all Adrian Peterson……..He ran all over the Oregon offfense and the only way Oregon won was with the help of the officiating crew. End of story. So make your excuses and call the Sooners whiners, but fair is fair and those calls the refs made were beyond fair…….

  12. soonersam says:

    The officials are suspended. They know they screwed up and they very well did. The official reviewing the play is quoted as saying ” I knew we blotched the call after making it”. What does that tell ya? You know your blotching a call but you still make it? Now they are telling him not to talk………How can you blame the Sooner Nation for being upset? They deserve to be upset. All college fans should be upset because it could have been their team being screwed over. It might be in the future if it isn’t fixed. If Oregon came to Norman and lost in the same manner, you know their would be some very, very, unhappy campers in Oregon. I know if it was Oregon being cheated from a win, I would atleast aknowledge it, and say hey…..it wasn’t right and I don’t feel good about the quality of the win.

  13. IhateOU says:

    That should answer any questions. The Oregon player wasn’t stripped of the ball on the ground, he never had possession. Oklahoma was cheated, plain and simple.

  14. Texas Blows says:

    It will be interesting to see how the Sooners respond to the situation. My hope is that they run the table and we can meet them again on January 1 for the rematch. I’ll say this, it’s been a good series so far and I’ve enjoyed the games. That AD is some kind of back.

    I agree that questionable calls, let alone outright bad calls, ruin the game. I’ve never much cared about Sooner football before but I appreciate the quality of the fans and the teams you guys field. Which is as opposed to Texas. So go kick the Longhorn’s ass and hopefully we’ll see you again down the road with a good officiating crew.

    As a Duck alumnus can I ask those of you who traveled to Eugene how you were treated there? I hope the Duck fans weren’t assholes like they are at UCLA or USC or Washington. When that happens I’ll know we’ve gotten too successful. Isn’t Autzen a great place to watch a game?

  15. Susan says:

    Perhaps it was a bad call as far as the onside kick. However, I am hearing no mention of 2 other bad placements of the ball earlier in the game in Oklahoma’s favor. One was 4th and inches when it should have been 4th and 2 yards. That could have been the turning point of the game as Oregon’s defense was doing very well. The truth of the matter is Oklahoma could have won if their kick had not been blocked by Oregon’s defense, and you can’t handle the truth.

  16. boris says:

    Even after the call… Oregon had to score, Oklahoma opted for a running play to take the clock down to 2 seconds, and then missed the field goal. Oklahoma had all the opportunity to win the game both defensivly and with a field goal after the “bad call” and failed to do so…. we win you lose … deal with it bitches!!

  17. Duckman says:

    Where were you OU Fans when you robbed Texas Tech Basketball of their win? Where were you then? Thats what I thought….so Shutup.

  18. horehey says:

    Duckman, you are correct. It doesn’t matter how Oregon won the game, we’ll take our win anyway we can. Hopefully the officials will give us the USC game too, as we are loosing right now. I’d love if the Oregon officials would pay off the officials and win every game like they did the OU game. Boris and I both agree, we’ll take our win anyway we can. When you live in Oregon there’s not much else to do.

  19. Ducky says:

    I think Paysinger just torched the OU defense again!

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    […]Oklahoma Sooners robbed in Oregon! « Oklahoma Sooner Football[…]…

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